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Screen Printing

We enjoy slingin’ some ink - she’s our bread and butter. It’s our most commonly used service and what we’re most passionate about.

A screen print comes to life when ink is transferred onto a garment or other substrate via a “silk screen”. Using a squeegee, some applied pressure, and a stencil, an image is magically transferred onto almost any flat surface.


Pricing is determined by –

+ The number of colours in the design – your artwork needs to be broken into separate colours and each colour is then assigned to a screen. Please note that screen printing onto dark fabrics will require a white base print which is charged as an extra colour in the print setup.

+ The number of prints per garment – for example front and back print or front print only.

+ The quantity of the print run – the larger the run, the cheaper each printed garment becomes.


Reasons to Screen Print :

+ Highly durable

+ Most versatile and commonly used form of garment printing

+ Commonly used for multiple colour illustrations

+ Cost effective for large runs

+ High print quality and vibrancy

+ Substrates onto Apparel, Fabric, Paper Stock, Wood and more.


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