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Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

Direct to garment also known as DTG is a process of garment printing that uses specialised inkjet technology.

Much like what you’d have in your office, direct to garment printers are descendants of the desktop inkjet printer. The garment is loaded onto a feeding tray and a mechanised printing head then applies the ink directly onto the garment.


Pricing is determined by –

+ The garment colour the design will be printed on – light coloured garments work best with this method and are cost effective. Dark coloured garments will need a white under-base in order for the print vibrancy to show through.

+ The number of prints per garment – for example front and back print or front print only.

+ The quantity of the print run – the larger the run, the cheaper each printed garment becomes.


Reasons to DTG :

+ Perfect for small quantity print runs

+ No setup fees

+ Soft feel to the print

+ Commonly used for photography and multiple colour illustrations

+ Substrates onto Apparel & 80-100% Cotton Fabrics


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